Letter to @WomenDeliver to Apologize to The #Suryanelli #Rape Survivor


Thank you to everyone who has supported our petition demanding that the ‘Women Deliver’ organization apologize to the Suryanelli Rape Survivor.   Below is a copy of the letter we sent to ‘Women Deliver’ along with the nearly 20,000 signatures. 

The petition will stay active online till Women Deliver posts a direct apology to the Suryanelli rape survivor.  If you haven’t yet, you can still sign this petition on Change.Org click here/  or on Causes.com click here

To read about the Suryanelli case click here

To read a statement by the Suryanelli survivor click here

To read what activist Arundhati Roy says about the Suryanelli case click here

To:  Women Deliver

From: The 50 Million Missing Campaign

Re: Petition Demanding a Direct Apology for the Suryanelli Rape Survivor

We are a global campaign working to end genocidal violence on women in India.  This letter is to convey our outrage…

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