Valentine Humour

Valentine died for love,

Romeo died for love,

Jack in Titanic died for love,

Samson in the Bible died for love,

Greek heroes Hercules & Achilles died for love,

Even Jesus Christ died for love…

Where are the women!!!!

Don’t buy any woman a Valentine Treat this year until she gives you names of atleast 5 women who died for love….

Wake up guys….!!!


4 responses

  1. I think women die for love in a very different way than men. Women tend to lose themselves for love especially after marriage. Men don’t lose themselves during love, it is typically when they are faced with losing the love that they took for granted that they are suddenly willing to die. What does that do…I don’t even consider it love, I think it is tragic. How can their lovers enjoy them when they are dead?

    • Thank you for the comment.

      I would first like to emphasize that it was posted as a joke and in no way was meant to belittle the role of women.

      Nevertheless, on a serious note, your comment is well received and appreciated. I think no one can deny the contribution of women in the lives of their men and other family and friends.

      And just one addition to what you said – All the examples quoted in the post were ancient. I don’t think men would be willing to die, literally or figuratively, in this day, even if faced with the prospect of losing the love they took for granted.

      • I thought it was a great joke…I took it as a joke as well. I also was looking at it from a perspective of reality. The irony of men and women and the difference in how we respond to love is interesting even if via joke. Thank you for responding and checking out my blog….

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