A yearning to belong

Unfulfilled destinies

Unrequited desires

A mindless life lived

Quivering in the shadows

Of the unknown

Longing, wanting, spent

Until death stretches its arms

Envelopes in its darkness

The remnants of a ravaged life.






5 responses

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  2. do not like the poem. do not be lonely. i should be disturbed by it. someone keeps you out. circle around them. This will be to keep them in.

    • you cannot force anyone to…… anything actually.

      eventually they will come to resent you for making them do what they did not want.

      the only person you can change, experiment with, push, shove, force is yourself… sigh

      i am ok today. the poem was my state of mind yesterday.

      thanks catherine for your comment.

      • My Haiku poem made sense yesterday, seems feeble today. Your poem was great, I thought I was suppose to not like it, be disturbed, and moved to respond. Anyway I have been praying for you as you wanted me, too. I am glad you feel better.

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