This post by mr.prose touched a nerve so deep that it had to be ‘re-featured’ on my page.

Conflict is good. Okay, not all conflict. But conflict vis-à-vis decay is definitely to be preferred. And like mr.prose so rightly pointed out – conflict ends eventually. But never without a discovery. You will either discover a mid-way or receive a clarity on further action translating into growth one way or the other. But you will be sans the frustration of not knowing, not growing or not moving on.

Deep Thinkings

There’s a subject I’d like to address today that has always been on my mind, and something that I firmly believe, but also something that I’ve never been able to articulate as well as I would like. At least, until I saw this quote:

“Conflict is better than stagnation.”

Frederick Douglass

This is a quote that really speaks to me in the way that it’s something I’ve very slowly come to have understood in my life. It’s one of those things you have to experience to truly discover. And although at first it may not seem to make any sense, if you go just a little deeper, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I’ve learned that there is nothing worse than stagnation in life. To cease one’s drive/effort for development is to (in my opinion) cease interest in life. You stop discovery, you lose your drive, your passion. Commonly…

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