Waqt ka matlab hai ‘Ab’…

waqt ka matlab hai ab
…. maafi us har din ke liye jab maine apne sapnon ko apne rishton se jyada ahmiyat di,
us har ghadi ke liye jab maine uska dil dukhaya aur use manane ki koshish bhi nahi ki,
lekin sabse jyada maafi un angeenat lamhon ke liye jab main use kehna bhool gaya ke main usse kitna pyaar karta hoon
ye sochkar, ki kehne ke liye mujhe bahot waqt milega..
per mai galat tha…… uske jaane ke baad, waqt chala gaya ..
isliye, WAQT ka matlab hota hai AB
Pyaar karna hai toh ab
Maafi mangna hai toh ab
Haath pakadna hai toh ab…


For the non-Hindi speaking, here’s a rough translation:


…forgiveness for each day when i gave priority to my ambitions over my relationships

for every moment when i hurt her and did not even try to make up

but above all else, i ask forgiveness for all those thousands of times when i did not tell her that i loved her…

…thinking, that there will be a lot of time to do that…

But i was wrong, with her death, that time was gone.

That is why, Time means ‘now’…

To love is NOW

To say sorry is NOW

To hold her hand is NOW…

Disclaimer: Sometimes the beauty and depth of words is lost when translating from one language to the other.


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