I have learnt that…

…notwithstanding gender equality and related issues, it’s important to have an emotionally balanced, consistent and compassionate man as the head of the family to keep you and your family firmly and safely rooted in harmony and joy.

I was not as lucky but my observation comes from families around me where the husband is calm and collected, takes initiatives and responsibility, and provides stability and emotional refueling to the family.

a good husband

They say a woman keeps the family together, but the man keeps it grounded.


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  1. I made it now I have a couple of hours before I actually start so I have been searching for spiritual fuel and thanks to you and a few of the blogs you follow, I am now well prepared for the task at hand. Thank you so much. In regards to this post, while I did not grow up in a “traditional” stable environment (I was raised by a single mother who only dated once my entire childhood) I have an Aunt and Uncle who are the couple I believe all christian couples should strive to be. He is the man you described; Good, decent, stable, and excellent protector, provider, and mentor. My mother constantly exposed me to him as a child and teenager and I could have never asked for a better role model. I think in this day and age so many people become so defensive when you bring up this point that they automatically want to dismiss the idea or notion before giving it real thought. I do believe that this structure is “how it should be”. Call me old fashioned, I have been called worse. But while their should be a degree of equality in a relationship, true equality will never exist, and I believe that partners (both men and women) who know their place and accept their responsibilites are to be admired and emulated.

    • Did I forget to mention the most important basic fundamental building stone for all successful relationships like this? Serving God should be a couple’s primary equal team effort. Our lord should be the unifying base with love in a couple’s relationship.

      • So true. And that’s why the exhortation in the Bible to not be ‘unequally yoked’. If your partner and you do not agree on the spiritual beliefs about family, relatiionships, the centrality of Christ in our lives, you will face dischord and imbalance.

    • I am happy to read about your uncle. Wish their were more men like that.

      And my thoughts about the hierarchy of a family are based on Christ’s teaching and my personal experience and conviction. In that sense i am old fashioned too.

      I would have gladly submitted to the authority of a good, stable and loving man.

      Wish you all luck in your endeavours and your relationship Jake. I will pray that you will become your ‘uncle’ for your family. God Bless.

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