I just finished…

…creating a photobook of my son’s 2nd year on earth.

It took me some 5 days to complete it online. And now i have ordered a print copy.

Its going to be a long 7 days wait until its printed and received. Am very eager to see the final product.

And when my son grows up, i hope he will like to browse through these photobooks i have created. 2 so far for the first 2 years of his life.

I plan on continuing to do so for the first 5 years.

Its one of the few pleasures of life. Especially, now that my life revolves only around my son.

He keeps my day bright and anything I do for him adds satisfaction to my living.

I do feel lonely and fed up sometimes.

That reminds me of the episode of ‘Criminal Minds’ i saw last week on TV. It talked about a young 911 operator who is on kidnapping and killing spree. He’s damaged because his mother used to be depressed and brooding and would go on long lonely walks and he felt hurt that she did not consider his presence good enough for her to want to live. So he pushes her off a bridge one day during one of her walks.

Anyway, the point is after Christ, my son is the focul point of my life and i am so thrilled about this new photobook and anxious to see it in print 🙂


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