Journeying to uncover uncertainty!

It is quite rightly said –

Since light travels faster than sound, people appear brighter until they open their mouth!! (or in this case, until you read their blog!!)

How to hold people’s attention when they will give you only a few seconds??

You are pressured into sounding smart, witty, catchy, colourful…. etc etc just so that people will give you those moments… But no matter how interesting a person you are, there are times when you are just not prepared to let your sun shine through and then there are times when you are just brain-dead, like all your grey matter has been sucked out by the pressure to perform…

And yet, unsurprisingly, there are millions writing their blogs, polishing their wits, sharpening their people skills, perhaps risking a blow to their self-esteem..

And i would be joining the ranks with this post. I am a rookie. This is my first ever blog and i don’t know where do i want to go with this. The desire to blog was in me for several years now. So many of my friends have been blogging for a long time. I read their blogs and followed a lot others. But its only now that i have dared to create one.

I recently read a quote –

And i think this applies to most interactions – whether physical or virtual. Cos we need that human connection. And we try in all the ways that we possibly can to reach out, to fulfill some of our needs – yes, i believe writing blogs is a form of reaching out : for appreciation, for acceptance, for support, as an emotional outlet, for fame, for some good moolah and perhaps much more – after all aren’t these all our needs at some point or the other.

That brings me to my reason for beginning a journey whose destination i have no clue of. All i know is that i needed to engage in a regular activity that will afford me growth in the mind and spirit, will give me something to look forward to and may be help me find something that i am searching for but that which just eschews me…

Above all, I was hoping to interact with Christ-centric people as i sorely lack such interaction in life.

So, here i am! Looking forward to a pleasant journey 🙂


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